Knowledge of materials at Woco

We are your Material Competence Center for development, testing and analysis in the field of polymers

Knowledge of materials is one of Woco's core competencies that supports all plants and locations.

The research and development center places an essential emphasis on close collaboration with customers' departments responsible for materials, because the basic conditions and specifications for future materials are stipulated here.

Apart from pure development activities – meaning the new development of compounds and the adaptation of existing recipes – tasks of the technical center include the assurance of conformity with specifications and the processability of elastomer materials within the scope of regular compound inspections, approvals and processes. The provision of instruments and analytical equipment is therefore an essential and an integral part of our expertise to enable the application of various procedures and methods, so that we are capable of conducting special in-house tests, including gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, and fire tests.

Our activities associated with the Material Competence Center:

Our activities associated with the Material Competence Center:

  • Recipes and raw materials
    The laboratory works very closely with the raw materials purchasing department, because the availability of raw materials must be ensured, tested and approved on a local and on a global level.
  • Testing and analyses
    Testing, analyses and examinations are a part of our daily routine. We go about these tasks by applying profound and in-depth expert knowledge.
  • In-house production of compounds
    As a material development supplier, Woco possesses the expertise to develop compounds, owns the corresponding recipes and has the equipment required to run qualifying tests.
  • Material development
    Innovation is driven by materials. This is why we are designing our own and innovative materials at our technical center so that we can develop products that are in demand at the time.