Woco knowledge of materials

Focus on quality and environmental performance

Woco compound production – fabrication of elastomers in our technical center

With over 2,800 active formulations, Woco has an extensive portfolio and expertise in the development of compounds. In a separate technical center, elastomer compounds can be produced from a variety of raw materials. By means of vulcanization with appropriate tools, all test specimens can be produced as standard.

Our mixing systems enable the following:

  • Tangent systems for effective mixing processes, especially of ready-made mixtures
  • Interlinked systems for intensive dispersion with good cooling characteristics for the manufacture of high-quality compounds
  • Interlinked systems with rotor gap adjustment for the economic manufacture of compounds in a single step process
  • Strainers integrated into or downstream of the mixing process ensure the highest level of purity of compounds with special requirements (e. g. roller coatings, dies, and extrusion parts)

Due to the increasing demand from various industrial sectors, we have installed two further internal mixers, which enable selling a total of 60,000 tons of compounds. We are capable of successfully supporting you in the Asian market thanks to our subsidiary in China (Wuxi).