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As a professional you are already aware of your strengths and we would like to support you so that you can effectively use these at Woco. A career at Woco opens up many new possibilities for you. We will help you meet your desired goals and achieve your professional objectives. In line with your personal needs we will encourage you to take on new challenges and to expand and further hone your skills.

College students

Woco invests in employee development. There are many ways to promote employee development. We believe that you acquire a large part of your knowledge while you are at work. This is why we will let you take on responsibility from the outset. We appreciate and support everyone who wants to broaden their horizon; for instance, by managing major projects or by taking on tasks that involve new areas.

School students

With an apprenticeship at Woco you will have the full backing of Woco for your entry into the working world. We will promote your talents, help you pass your examinations successfully and ensure that there is a healthy mix of fun and learning at work. What you will be learning hands-on at Woco will be complemented by the theoretical approach explored in your course work at the vocational school. Would you prefer carrying out exciting experiments or would you rather provide hands-on support? There is a wide selection of occupations that require formal training at Woco.

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