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Interning at Woco will have you gain deep insights into different corporate areas of the international corporate world as well as experiencing diversified and challenging responsibilities. 

We offer preliminary and basic internships to take up studies in engineering fields. In your application, please state the business areas required for your degree as well as the corresponding timeframe. Your personality plus your energy are decisive for us: In a brief cover letter you can let us know about your interests and your reasons for your desired engineering degree. You can also take up a voluntary or a mandatory internship at Woco during your studies.

At Woco, you are expected to take on responsibility from the outset and you will work on innovative projects. What you have explored in theory meets reality at Woco: Inspire us with your innovative ideas and motivation.

Ms. Lena Merx reports on her experience as an intern and student employee in the HR team at Woco:

“As part of my mandatory internship and my activities as a student employee in the department of Human Resources I was in a position to gain profound hands-on experience that complemented my course work. My area of responsibilities ranged from activities involving applicant management, preparations to attend exhibitions to assisting students. The wide variety of activities provide comprehensive insights into the day-to-day business processes at Woco. I enjoyed taking on my share of responsibility and working in a team where I was supported and where I learned something new and exciting every day.”

Ms. Lena Merx, HR Intern


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