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Student employee at Woco

Would you like to take on student employment during your semester or during your semester break?
If so, Woco is the right business partner for you.

Student employment will allow you to gain profound insight into international work environments in diverse business areas and into challenging areas of responsibility. At Woco you collaborate with colleagues on projects and benefit from many years of experience and expertise. In your day-to-day tasks, you will experience how important collaboration among colleagues is, as well as internal networking in order to complete jobs on time and according to specification. Your job as a student employee will prepare you specifically for your professional future.

You can work as a student according to your college schedule during a semester or full-time during your break from college.

Unsolicited applications:

Please feel free to contact us at any time with an application stating your desired timeframe and relevant interests. Further collaboration in form of a succeeding internship or a practical thesis (final paper) is supported and sponsored by Woco

Mr. Simon Beck reports on his experience as a student employee in product predevelopment and his decision to write his bachelor thesis collaboratively with Woco:

“During my time as a student employee, my tasks at Woco were very diverse. I was able to participate in several predevelopment projects and attend customer meetings as well as tradeshow exhibitions. During predevelopment, creativity and staying highly organized are essential requirements for your daily work. You should be able to think outside the box and be open to new ideas and topics. I particularly appreciated the cooperative atmosphere and helpfulness of the department. During the course of my student work, I asked myself to what extent product predevelopment could be better integrated into the overall system at Woco. I was looking for a functional point within the organization that would help making better use of internal and external synergies. Product management seemed to be a suitable concept for these tasks. That’s why I am currently writing my bachelor thesis in the product management area in collaboration with Woco.”

Mr. Simon Beck, bachelor's degree candidate for product development


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