School students at Woco

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School students at Woco

Are you interested in completing a traineeship, vocational training, or a dual study program with an internationally active family business? If your answer is, then Woco is the right partner for your professional career. 

So sieht dein Weg in die Ausbildung aus:

You are welcome to apply for a traineeship or a trial work day at Woco while you are still at school if you are interested in finding out what is involved in everyday work at Woco. We will try to assign you to the department that best matches your interests. In addition to offering tours of the facilities to schools we are also happy to visit schools in person to introduce the scope of apprenticeship trades Woco offers.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Young wolves – apprenticeships at Woco 

The image of a wolf has been the symbol for the founding family who created a company that has evolved from being a small rubber manufacturer to a globally active international corporation.
As a family business and the largest company with apprenticeships in the Main-Kinzig district, we are offering apprenticeships to young candidates who will then become a member of a “pack of wolves” at Woco, because completing an apprenticeship is always a group project. As a “young wolf” you will have the opportunity to discover your strengths and to further hone your skills.

Become a member of the young wolves. We are looking forward to meeting you.

The advantages of vocational training at Woco

A career in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is looking ahead – and facing new challenges. Future-oriented technologies offer the potential and the opportunities for building strategic partnerships and new niches with a higher degree of flexibility. It is the first step on the ladder to success and it is where your professional career starts. Start your career now with Woco!

In times of skilled labor shortage, Woco wants to invest more in training programs to enable young talent to become the qualified professionals of tomorrow. Our in-house instruction helps close the gaps that can be left by vocational schools or within the plant and it enables target-oriented assistance for apprentices.

Team events and stays abroad

Woco believes in empathetic personnel management. Our events help break the ice in unconventional ways and form the basis for enjoyable collaboration. Participation in joint campaigns and shared moments help build a group identity that does much more than increase the company's efficiency.

Independent apprentice projects

Woco enables apprentices to work jointly on independent projects at regular intervals. Apprentice projects are very popular among apprentices thanks to being able to work in a team and by being able to accept responsibility. This is exactly what you were looking for? Then come join Woco.

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