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We at Woco – working with innovation and technologies

Working surrounded by nature. Combining fun with work.
Coping with new challenges and turning them into an opportunity for growth. These sentences do not describe utopian ideals they rather illustrate what is being practiced at Woco.

Employees at Woco are much more than technicians, merchants or lab workers: They are motivated pioneers, experts in their field, the people our customers contact, and they are united by their passion for innovation. Why? As team members they can contribute to the advances made in the automotive and the non-automotive sectors. There are numerous opportunities to tread new ground, from improvements in the automotive sector, piping system technology optimization to increasing rail track efficiency.

We help you to rise to new challenges and carve out your own path – consistent with your ambitions, skills and talents. 

We know that we achieve much more when we proceed together. For this reason we reward both excellent teamwork and valiant individual achievements. The high degree of flexibility and the ability of our employees to work in a team ensure that we are capable of adapting to ongoing scientific and economic challenges to stay up-to-date and even a few steps ahead.

What are you waiting for? 

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