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Woco Group health and safety policy

Global responsibility for our employees

Social responsibility at all locations is part of our value system. This responsibility goes beyond compliance with the local legislation.

Exemplary working conditions guarantee the safety and health of our employees.
We understand exemplary working conditions to mean:

Exemplary role of supervisors
Superiors act as role models and their special responsibility is recognized. Necessary measures are taken immediately.

Providing necessary work equipment
The requisite work equipment, such as safe tools and suitable personal protective equipment, are available for the employees in adequate measure.

Knowledge transfer at all levels and in all locations
Every employee is qualified according to his / her area of responsibility. Internal communication takes place with the aim of continuously improving the health and safety processes.

Respecting the duties and rights of all employees
The duties towards our employees include health protection and the creation of a hygienic working environment.
Pregnant women and young people have special rights. Child labor is rejected as a matter of principle.
Each employee is responsible for the proper use of the operating equipment; agreed rules are respected.

Ensuring the safety of machines and processes
Machines are checked for safety in accordance with international standards. The same safety standard worldwide ensures flexible use.
The use of less hazardous substances and processes contributes both to environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

Communication with partners
Just as in environmental protection, in occupational health and safety we cooperate openly with government authorities and our partners - customers as well as suppliers.
The aim is to prevent accidents and improve operations. Through exemplary working conditions we increase employee satisfaction and thus also contribute to customer satisfaction.

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