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Thermal Management – Control and Regulation of heat flows

Optimization of the interior temperature of the vehicle in ­conjunction with best possible control of the heat input and ­cooling of the engine and its partial circulatory systems are ­achieved through successful thermal management. Water valves from the Woco Group help to selectively control and regulate water circuit temperatures at central points. As a result, for example, the warm-up phase can be significantly reduced, thus saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.

Woco serves the water segment with electromagnetic and electric motor-driven water valves, water distributors and flexible hose connections. The latest developments rely on versatile functional integration and as compact modules facilitate the controllability of different circuits on the engine. Here, with its long-standing assembly expertise Woco has good ­prerequisites to serve future market requirements for the management of coolants.

Electromagnetic Water Valves

These valves are used to switch the different cooling water circuits on and off. Electromagnetically-controlled pistons with integrated return spring and sealing cone are used as actuators.

Advantages of this technology are:

  • Minimal wear
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Optimal flow guidance

    Electric Motor-Driven Water Valves

    Electric motor-driven valves are used if fully variable control is required for cooling water circuits. These products consist of a DC motor with a downstream drive and coupled rotary valve. The valves are actuated via the control input. Monitoring takes place with the aid of integrated electronics.

    Low Pressure Water Valve

    This valve is available in two versions: normally open and normally closed. It consists of a vacuum actuator with integrated return spring and the coolant-carrying part with rotary vane. It switches the coolant flow via a rotary piston specially developed by Woco, with a wear-optimized, pressure-supported sealing system. Constant impermeability in case of large pressure differences is guaranteed at temperatures from –40°C to +140°C.

    Thermal Management

    Control and Regulation of heat flows.


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