Production – just in time and innovative

Woco Kronacher Kunststoffwerk GmbH



At Woco KKW, manufacturing starts long before the actual production process. All relevant manufacturing steps from tool design through special machinery to actual production are performed in-house. The advantages are obvious: faster processes and high levels of efficiency and quality at competitive costs.

Tool design

Modern technology ensures quality, adherence to delivery dates and stable processes. Using state-of-the-art CAD systems, the highly qualified team of employees creates product-specific tool designs particularly suitable for plastics. Prototyping and mould flow analyses further guarantee success in series production.

Tool maintenance

Precision tools for processing very high volumes of thermoplastic and thermosetting resin are made on modern, highly precise machining equipment​​. Modular design tools allow product families to be produced from a single tool, thus reducing project costs. Proven sampling methods and experimental methodologies are used to optimise the tools for production. This makes an important contribution to process stability in series production.

Special machinery

Teamwork and the use of systems such as MTM and CAD guarantee success in the implementation of customer requirements for small, medium and large volume production. The use of state-of-the-art, standardised manufacturing and testing methods ensures a high standard of quality in production. To meet the growing challenges, we train a large number of young professionals in this field. The following technologies are used:

  • Semi- and fully automatic assembly, joining and removal operations
  • Measurement of paths, forces, leaks and torques
  • Electronic image processing and colour control

The maintenance and servicing of the plant and equipment by mechatronics engineers is self-evident.

Quality management

From the concept to the production of our products, an integrated quality management system guarantees the processes. Quality advance planning methods and the use of modern measuring machines as part of the acceptance procedure as well as for series production are just as natural as the use of SPC in series production. The annual review of standards in accordance with DIN ISO TS16949 and other internal and external product and process audits complement the system. Further customer-specific requirements and processing in accordance with VDA 6.1 are also implemented.


Flexibility, short throughput times, a modern manufacturing philosophy and a high quality standard guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. The departments and technologies listed below are pivotal:

Plastic prefabrication:

With more than 50 modern injection moulding machines with an injection volume of up to 2,000cm³ (HP) and closing forces of up to 950T, technical mouldings are produced from all types of engineering thermoplastic and thermosetting materials. Technologies such as:

  • Gas injection
  • 2K
  • Insert technology
  • Assembly injection
  • Tandem injection

and the use of complementary peripheral equipment lead to success.


In a three-shift, just-in-time operation, bought-in parts and components manufactured in-house are built into high quality assemblies for our customers. As a result of our consistent bias towards synchronous production systems and by designing our own production equipment, we are also able to produce smaller batch sizes economically. In the assembly area, our expertise lies in the following manufacturing technologies:

Welded joints of all kinds, e.g. ultrasonic, circular, ERW, vibration, rotation and hot plate welding

  • Fully automatic and manual screwing of individual components
  • Automated camera, leakage and completeness inspections
  • Manual and fully automatic assembly operations
  • Manual and semi-automatic bonding of components
  • Buffing and painting for surface finishing
  • Laser technology for day-night design
  • Assembly injection moulding

This high degree of vertical integration also allows us to manufacture complex assemblies in the appropriate quality. Our own maintenance team and preventive maintenance ensure high availability and process reliability of the equipment and machinery. This guarantees our customers consistent quality and superior delivery reliability.