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Woco Kronacher Kunststoffwerk GmbH


The Woco Group focusses its automotive activities on the core product areas of powertrain and elastomer technology.

Powertrain products improve acoustic comfort and help to reduce fuel consumption. With elastomer technology products, vibrations can be isolated, drive and chassis systems sealed and driving comfort improved.

Concerning its non-automotive activities, Woco concentrates on anti-vibration systems for rail technology and industrial applications, as well as on functional solutions for measurement, control and piping systems.

The usage of Woco products helps in reducing the burden on the environment due to a lowering of emissions, immissions and noise.

The specialist – the Woco Kronacher Plastics Factory

Engine acoustics systems in focus: the complex acoustic and vibration requirements in engine compartments demand innovative solutions and modern manufacturing technologies. As a base material, engineering plastics play an increasingly important role here. Woco KKW has a specific focus in this area. The core product segments include component, module and system solutions for the engine compartment that reduce vehicle noise and thus significantly improve acoustic driving comfort.

The product areas include:

  • Design / acoustic covers
  • Components for electrical actuators
  • Foot control system
  • Silencers
  • Charge air systems
  • Oil filler necks
  • Components for mechanical circuits
  • Design parts
  • Water distributors
  • Non-automotive products