Global logistics excellence

A weight off your mind with Woco


In order to breathe life into the motto, "Woco is where the customer needs Woco to be", integrated, functional, and well-thought-out logistics concepts are imperative.

The starting point is procurement logistics, which is a process to ensure the correct procurement of purchased parts and raw materials for our partners in terms of quantity, delivery requirements, and quality, thus supplying all Woco plants throughout the world with material as needed.

The efficient and lean structure of the material flow and the value-creation flow within the transformation process of production is the task of Woco’s manufacturing logistics. Woco’s competitive strength is principally determined by the quality of its manufacturing logistics, because they form the link between procurement logistics and distribution logistics.

The purpose of distribution logistics is to ensure that Woco satisfies customer requirements and that the right product is delivered to the right place at the right time and has the right quality. The delivery service that we provide to our customers is of extreme importance to us.

Woco’s integrated information logistics support the transparency, the timeliness, and the high quality of the exchanged information and ensure high availability and fast processing of flowing information.

At Woco, the logistical activities are not limited to conventional tasks alone. Woco logistics are also applied to the product evolution process, the supply chain structure, the preparation of optimization methods for the purpose of advancing Woco's logistical efficiency (cost, performance) while at the same time keeping the effects/burden on the environment as low as possible, and striving to continually reduce these.

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