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Drive Technology


Drive Technology

We are at our customers' side to support them in mastering the technological change towards electromobility.

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Benefiting from experience


We strive to offer services that are precisely tailored to your needs. Our many years of experience in material, product, and process development, as well as verification and series production, enable us to offer customized solutions as a full-service provider. Through continuous product development, advanced production concepts, and intelligent use of materials, we help you meet your individual requirements.




Transferring the ICE experience for the BEV transformation

Woco Drive Technology Erfahrung

Benefiting from experience

Woco contributes its many years of excellent system know-how and...

functional design with a high level of functional integration into the world of electromobility. We use this experience for continuous innovation and state-of-the-art production technologies to develop advanced and individual functional solutions dynamically and flexibly.

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Realizing ESG goals

We support you with functional solutions and...

material expertise. Our alternative material combinations enable sustainable mobility solutions down to the last detail. They are used, for example, in hybrid, highly integrated functional, oil management, and battery components. Our solutions help you achieve your goals in the transformation from ICE to BEV.

Woco Drive Technology Erwartungen übertreffen

Exceeding expectations

Drive Technology utilizes the accumulated expertise of the...

Woco Excellence Cluster and thus offers unique problem-solving expertise. We have been delivering new ideas on important mobility-related details since the company was founded over 65 years ago. The decisive factor for Drive Technology is its focus as a reliable full-service provider with fast development processes that meet the expectations of a dynamic market.


Be at the forefront

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Cleanliness Laboratory

Woco is a market leader in the automotive supplier industry because of its cleanliness laboratory in Mexico and China.


Laborantin reinigt Arbeitsfläche

Clean Room

The primary purpose of a clean room is to ensure product quality, especially for BEV and H2-applications.


Prototyping Maschine

Rapid Prototyping

With rapid prototyping, we replace complex molds and production lines and thus contribute to sustainability.


Woco Drive Technology Im Detail überall

In detail everywhere

Our products play a decisive role in the functionality of every vehicle.



Your individual solution

3D Aggregatetrager

Structural integration parts

Lightweight construction, the right material in the right place, hybrid solutions and additional requirements for electric vehicles are becoming increasingly relevant.


3D Oelmodul

Oil management for BEV

Oil management plays a central role in developing electric vehicles, aiming for greater efficiency and a more extended range.



Battery functional components

The key to successful battery components is pressure equalization between battery volume and atmosphere, thermal management, and a cooling system with high design flexibility.




A centrifugal separator, adapted to future FCEV applications, separates liquid water from the gas flow in the anode and cathode circuits. The fuel cell stack assemblies are made of high-performance plastics.



We supply electromobility locally worldwide.

Woco focuses on all electric car manufacturers worldwide. We also monitor local battery electric car manufacturers thanks to our global location. The location advantage reduces logistics' CO2-footprint, helps diversify volatility in the supply chain, and shortens decision-making paths.