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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

A. Portrait

Woco is an internationally active corporation with the flexibility and structure of a modern medium-sized company which has its headquarters in Bad Soden-Salmünster with factories, production facilities and partners in Europe as well as in the NAFTA and Asia region. The core product fields in the automotive sector include acoustics, actuating elements and polymer systems. Woco develops and produces components, which improve the acoustic comfort and safety of automobiles. At the same time they contribute to a reduction of the environmental impact through a lowering of sound influences, and they also decrease the consumption.

In the non-automotive sector Woco offers high quality products and functional solutions for diverse applications in industrial anti-vibration systems, measuring and control systems and piping systems.

B. Preamble

Woco recognizes the responsibility towards the own company, to the same extent as towards customers and suppliers as well as towards the environment and society. In everything we do, we place a key emphasis on the values of integrity and fairness, no matter whether the activity is performed within or outside of Germany.

Therefore, Woco supports a broad range initiatives and programs, such as the United Nations Global Compact and is dedicated to anchoring this in its fundamental commercial principles and procedures.

This Code of Conduct for Suppliers outlines standards for which Woco requires a compliance from its suppliers, regarding commercial integrity and ethics, work and social standards, environmental protection, competition, general business principles and the associated management systems. The suppliers must ensure that these requirements are communicated to all involved parties and complied with by the downstream delivery chain, the own employees and by all direct and indirect sub-contractors.

C. General Principles

The supplier shall observe the law, guidelines and directives. The supplier is obligated to observe the respectively valid laws and other standard regulations of the countries in which he is active during all commercial actions and decisions.

D. Prohibition of corruption and bribery

The supplier must prohibit every form of corruption, disloyalty and embezzlement; he will neither tolerate nor practice any of them. The supplier may therefore neither domestically nor internationally try to illegally influence others during business activities in which gifts are exchanged or other advantages are offered or provided. The appropriate rules apply for the impermissible acceptance of benefits.

E. Child labor

The supplier shall strictly observe the regulations of the United Nations on human or child rights and is in particular obliged to comply with the agreement on the minimum age for the authorization to work (agreement 138 of the International Labor Organization) along with the agreement on the prohibition and immediate measures to abolish the worst forms of child labor (agreement 182 of the International Labor Organization). If a national regulation in regards to child labor requires stricter standards, the supplier must observe these with priority.

F. Health protection

The supplier shall guarantee a strict observance of the work safety and health protection at the workplace within the extent of the national regulations. The supplier shall support a continuous further development to improve the working environment.

G. Environment protection

The supplier is obliged to observe the environmental protection pursuant to the statutory provisions and international standards, to minimize environmental burdens and to continually improve the environmental protection. Furthermore, the supplier is obligated to expand or apply an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 or a similar system.

H. Observance of the Basic Rights

  1. Human rights
    The supplier shall respect and support the compliance with the internationally recognized human rights.
  2. Forced labor
    The supplier shall outlaw any form of forced labor.
  3. Equal opportunities
    Pursuant to the respectively valid statutory provisions, the supplier shall intervene against any form of discrimination. The supplier is obligated to maintain an equal opportunity working environment. A different treatment of employees based on their origin, nationality, religion, ethnicity, sex, age, a handicap or due to sexual orientation is absolutely prohibited.
  4. Working conditions
    The supplier absolutely opposes any form of exploitive working conditions and recognizes the right to organize in a union.

I. Antitrust law

The supplier acknowledges and encourages fair competition, and shall fully comply with the applicable laws that protect and promote competition, in particular the applicable antitrust laws and other laws to regulate competition.

J. Data protection

The supplier is obliged to fully comply with the data protection regulations. Personal data may only be collected, processed or used if this is required for clearly defined, unambiguous and legal purposes. The usage of the data must be transparent for the concerned party, and the rights to information and reporting as well as to objection, blocking and deletion are to be absolutely observed.

K. Export and import

The supplier is obliged to comply with all applicable import and export control laws, in particular sanctions, embargos and other laws, regulations, federal orders and policies for the control the transmission or delivery of merchandise and technology.

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