Reliable – international – customer-focused

Focus on quality and environmental performance

Woco Company Policy


The corporate policy of the Woco Group is aligned to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and information security in accordance with TISAX and ISO 45001. With corporate goals aligned to the market and measures developed from these goals, we ensure continuous improvement in all systems and areas. Evaluation of the goals and key figures occurs on a continuing basis. Necessary adaptations of the alignment and improvements occur through measures arising from internal and external audits and the management review. The resources required for this are provided by top management. Likewise we work towards implementation of the systems and principles on the part of our supplier's, in order to establish the standard requirements in the entire supply chain.

We are reliable – international – customer-focused

  • Meeting customer requirements and expectations is at the center of all Woco's activities. With efficient functional solutions and excellent implementation of these solutions, Woco creates high added value for its customers.
  • Reliability, openness, trust and mutual esteem are the cornerstones of the culture of the Woco Group. We live this culture together with our business partners and employees and it is the basis for close and successful cooperation.
  • Woco is where the customer needs us to be.
  • As an internationally active corporation, the Woco Group must be able to process a huge quantity of data and information to achieve its business goals, to complete its tasks and to fulfill its obligations. Protection of the data and information created or provided by customers, employees, contractual partners or other third parties, and protection of the Woco Group's knowhow, are vital, central company goals. To achieve these goals, i.e. to protect information against external and internal threats, to ensure at all times the continuation of business operations, and to minimize damage in the event of an incident, an information security management system (ISMS) is being introduced. Technical and organizational measures are specified via guidelines that guarantee a level of information security that is appropriate for the Woco Group.

We at Woco live togetherness

  • Employees are actively involved in implementing the corporate policy.
  • To achieve demanding targets in the market, outstanding performance is demanded from all employees. At Woco motivation is the most important driver and managers promote it in a targeted manner.
  • All employees contribute to occupational health and safety, by properly using the equipment made available, and by participating in the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety conditions with their ideas and suggestions. Our managers have an role-model function and they are aware of their special responsibility in this regard.
  • We at Woco ensure work conditions that are in conformance with health and safety standards for prevention of work-related injuries and illness. Moreover, we undertake to eliminate hazards and minimize safety risks and health risks.
  • A data protection management system (DSMS) has been set up to safeguard personal data. The special interest of the Woco Group in protecting personal data extends far beyond the legal obligation to protect personal data. All technical and organizational measures for protecting personal data are aligned to avoidance of undesired, intentional or unintentional perusal, modification or deletion.

We are profitable

Sustainable high-yield economic activity is the basis for competitiveness, innovation, and long-term job security. Consequently, the Woco corporate group acts cost-effectively and efficiently on all levels.

Woco stands for sustainability in the responsible interaction with the environment and energy.

  • Social responsibility and practiced sustainability are the essential elements of our corporate culture.
  • Our product philosophy is characterized by eco-friendly products, pioneering solutions, and avoiding supply chains that are not socially acceptable.
  • Woco is committed to resource-conserving development, production, and logistics. We support the guidelines for implementing a lived materials cycle and we always keep the entire product lifecycle in focus.
  • The environmental impact of our products and processes is reduced through continuous improvement of our product development and product realization processes.
  • We protect the environment and thus natural resources, such as water, soil, air, and genetic diversity; this means we reduce resource consumption and environmental impacts (emissions, pollutants, waste). Avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions is a continuous motivation.
  • We commit ourselves to sustainable production with the associated requirement of continuously improving the energy efficiency in our locations, wherever this can be implemented cost-efficiently.
  • Implementation occurs with emphasis on:
    • Supporting the acquisition of energy efficient products and services.
    • Energy consumption is systematically recorded, analyzed, and incrementally reduced.
    • Energy efficiency and energy conservation are assessed on an ongoing basis.
  • In the supply chains, we ensure that our ecology due diligence obligations and occupational health and safety obligations are met.

Woco stands for quality

  • Quality determines the thinking and actions of our employees.
  • Our zero-defect strategy is the basis for implementing the quality concept in all products and processes.
  • Our employees actively contribute to continuous improvement of quality in the entire process chain.
  • Sustainable use of our quality methods is the cornerstone for the continued existence of the company.
  • The provisions of the international quality standards, as well industry-specific and customer-specific requirements, are the basis of our action in this regard.

We are socially anchored

Woco is aware of its social responsibilities at all locations and acts accordingly. The corporate group respects other cultures and contributes to the common good. Woco is aware of its social responsibility and upholds the principles of the UN Global Compact. Woco and its employees comply with current legislation, regulations, and directives.

Bad Soden-Salmünster, 25th October 2021

sgd. Michael Lorig (CEO)
sgd. Jürgen Nordhus gnt. Westarp (CFO)
sgd. Joachim Geimer (COO)

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