Material expertise is the basis for every sealing system.

Our sealing elements protect against environmental influences, are characterized by high resistance to media such as air, water and oil and can be used throughout the vehicle.

Our NVHS seals are also used in our Thermal Management segment, where they are exposed to extreme situations. Here, the focus is on controlling cold and heat energy, which is also a basic requirement for driving comfort, performance and range in BEVs.

With NVHS material expertise, Woco achieves zero leakage here! You can find more information on this in our Thermal Management segment.


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Seals can be found in almost all areas of the vehicle. They are essential for restricting or completely preventing the passage of various media such as water or oil to certain areas.

Our seals on wiring systems, bellows, drive housings or car bodies do just that!

Depending on the requirements, we are able to use a wide variety of materials. Our broad database of rubber formulations helps us to do this, but we also use 2k or 3k solutions with plastic and / or silicone for specific applications.

With our many years of expertise - our Woco DNA - in material development, design and simulation, we are able to offer a suitable solution for every vehicle application. We focus primarily on weight reduction and the use of sustainable materials.

3D NVHS Abdichtung
3D NVHS Abdichtung

Gaiter, battery housing seal, bulkhead grommets