Passion for high-quality and innovative polymers

Materials from Woco ensure a high-quality product in conjunction with implementation pursuant to standards for sustainability

Materials from Woco ensure a high-quality product in conjunction with implementation pursuant to standards for sustainability

Materials have been an essential force that has driven technological progress since the beginnings of humankind. This aspect is also reflected by the names assigned according to the use of a given material in a given period of development.

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. This division of early human history shows the relevance of materials. This fact continues to hold true even today. More than two thirds of all technical innovations can be directly or indirectly attributed to a new material. This is why the key to success in various sectors lies in developing innovative materials. 


    Elastomer recipes are developed specifically for their later use, as well as for tool and process technologies, and the in-house large scale production also significantly determines the function of the elastomer parts produced by Woco. This expertise is complemented by numerous options for testing and analysis.

    With years of know-how, we are able to combine commercial elastomers into tailored compounds by adding selected additives to meet even the most innovative applications.


    Market developments regarding plastics processing are largely driven by manufacturers of raw materials. A given plastic material is therefore always the result of a company-specific development which is based, among other factors, on company-specific production aspects. To this end, with the skilled creation of recipes, individual material-specific characteristics can be deliberately influenced.

    Since we are familiar with a host of requirements, various applications and many industrial sectors, we have been capable of developing new and customized plastic materials time and again. To this end we have been working in collaboration with our customers, the manufacturers of the raw material, professionals processing plastics, plastics users and research institutes.


    Woco began the development of high-performance polymers (HPP) in 2015. In early 2016, with the installation of a twin-screw extruder and a 2K injection molding system at the Bad Soden Salmünster location, the foundation was laid for our own raw material and material development facility in the plastics sector.

    The development of our own high-performance plastics, which meet demanding customer specifications, extends Woco's portfolio, adding a diverse class of materials. Likewise, this allows us to further differentiate from our competitors and strengthen our own market position with our own brands, e.g. Wocomid.


    Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are sometimes called thermoplastic rubber because TPE has the properties and performance of rubber, but can be processed like plastic. The reason for this is the typical multiphase system, which consists of a thermoplastic hard phase and an elastomeric soft phase.

    Owing to their diverse material properties and the ease with which they can be processed, TPEs often present an interesting alternative material at Woco, especially in the area of sealing systems (e.g., sleeves or joint sealing) for automotive applications or in the Powertrain Technology department (e.g. air channeling).


      Polyurethane (PUR) foams provide a wide variety of application areas, depending on the production process. In order to produce this versatile foam, polyol and isocyanate are combined to form foam that can be given different material consistencies. 

      With these material-relevant solutions, multifunctional solutions fitted close to engines can be presented which prevent the propagation of noise at the source, enable thermal insulation, and are flexibly usable in the truest meaning of the words.

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