Woco's laboratory

Test. Analyze. Evaluate.

Woco's laboratory

Woco's laboratory services to deliver perfect results in terms of material development

Woco currently has over 2,800 materials in its portfolio. In the laboratory, the recipes are prepared, the material blends (= homogeneous mixture of all recipe components) are produced in the in-house technical center, and then checked, documented and passed on to the mixing plant for production, e.g. by PTE (Polymer-Technik Elbe GmbH). This is the prerequisite for manufacturing finished parts made of elastomer materials in the production plants. The material developers always have to perform a delicate balancing act between raw material, mixing process, vulcanization process, part properties and application suitability. Everything has to be just right – to ensure the success of our products and thus the success of our customers.

Analytics and failure analysis

Due diligence is required to determine the failure of a product or one of its components by carrying out appropriate examinations. Furthermore, measures have to be implemented to avoid future failures. Our experts carry out systematic failure analyses and provide support to customers in the context of the implementation of corrective measures for the short, medium and long term.

For the examination of failures associated with elastomer, plastic or multi-component parts, we undertake in-depth analyses of the material and its production process and we decide on the analytical method to be applied to determine the cause for the failure.

Material testing

Physical tests are executed in accordance with different guidelines and customer specifications. Material testing offers different methods for determining the material behavior and physical characteristics. The testing of standard test specimens and components occurs after the application of mechanical, thermal, and chemical load conditions. In the chemical analysis, chemical substances are identified and their quantity is determined.

Analysis and testing of materials and components

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