Values & principles

Our principles of action are based on the corporate values of "robustness", "independence" and "sustainability". With our global Woco team, which is characterized by tolerance, conscientiousness and entrepreneurial thinking, we strive to make a holistic contribution through innovations in the field of electromobility.


We are a robust company that is able to withstand change and disruption and continue to thrive. We have a strong financial base, an experienced management team, a competent Woco team around the world and a loyal customer base. We set concrete, future-proof priorities in our product portfolio and a lean, efficient and digital organization. We adapt quickly to changes and take advantage of new opportunities. Our reliability and trustworthiness make us attractive to stakeholders.


Our robustness enables us to be independent. We make our own decisions and pursue our own goals without being influenced by external factors. This motivates us to be innovative and offer our customers the best products and development services. We set the highest standards for quality, reliability and customer service.


Our robustness and independence allow us to pursue our own goals. We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and are committed to sustainability. Our product solutions are based on the life cycle and integrate ecological principles in accordance with the Science Based Targets initiative. We make a positive contribution to the environment.


Graphic company values
Graphic company values