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Welcome to Woco Group

We manufacture many components and parts installed in vehicles, such as engines, transmissions, and electronics. Woco plays a decisive role in promoting innovations and technological advances that can reduce emissions.


Mitarbeiterin vor Woco Gebäude
Mitarbeitende in blauem Shirt vor Woco Gebäude
Mitarbeitender in grünem Woco Shirt in Fabrik
Mitarbeiterin hält Produktionsteil in ihren Händen in der Produktionshalle
Mitarbeitende in weißem Woco Shirt in Fabrik
Mitarbeiter im Lab
Miarbeitender in Lab
Mitarbeiterin untersicht kleine Produkte unter eine Lampe
Mitarbeitende in grünem Shirt untersuch Kleinstteile
Arbeitnehmer in der Produktion
Mitarbeitender in der Fabrik

I am Woco

At Woco, passion takes center stage. In our specialist departments, teamwork allows everyone to contribute, expand, and multiply their expertise.



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Woco Group & ESG

Through our business activities, we take responsibility for the environment and people's living conditions.

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Zwei Mitarbeitende stehen an einem Arbeitstisch mit Produkten drauf

People at Woco Group

We help the world to turn and are part of the Woco Engineering Competence Center.

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Ausschnitt von einem Elektroauto, welches gerade zum Aufladen angeschlossen wird.

Worlds best Thermal Management 

If you are looking for range, you will find it in the thermal management solutions from our engineering and development team. 

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Maschinen bei der Produktion

Polymer-based products

Our company is positioned for the future. Our products increase vehicle comfort and stand for a "Green Woco".



Woco is aware of its responsibility towards its customers, employees, and society. We proactively address environmental and social challenges to ensure that our values and principles are upheld. We are committed to science-based sustainability goals and, with our development services, make a positive contribution to the future of the automobile.

We are committed to a future worth living in our shared world.