4-day week becomes a reality in Germany

With the introduction of the 4-day week in the administration of our headquarters, Woco has created a flexible framework that provides a stable basis for the diversity of all employees. Flexibility increases creativity and therefore also productivity. We were one of the first automotive companies in Germany to introduce the 4-day week and we believe in it.

Expanding horizons with Woco

Our international footprint with locations on almost every continent makes globally networked working a reality. Our global and interdisciplinary teams not only work closely together, but also create global opportunities for personal growth and intercultural exchange that make our international family business tangible.

Flexible working time models / hybrid working

The world is changing and we at Woco are changing with it. Organize your working hours flexibly. Work from home or continue your education on the side. We make sure that the work content at Woco adapts flexibly to the life situation of our employees. Not the other way around.