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Noise Vibration Harshness & Sealing


Noise Vibration Harshness & Sealing

Our product solutions result from the challenging demands of mobility, decades of experience, and the desire to continuously develop them further to protect the environment.

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Green Woco

NVHS products increase vehicle comfort by reducing noise, damping vibrations, and sealing against environmental influences.

With our material expertise, we develop sustainable materials and thus improve our customers' carbon footprint. Focusing on environmental protection, NVHS is the solution provider for all our development departments in the sense of a "Green Woco."



Increasing importance due to e-mobility

In addition to the requirement to develop sustainable high-performance materials and small parts with maximum resilience, these properties of our NVHS products are becoming even more critical due to the shift towards electromobility. With the elimination of the engine, the noise in the car is perceived much more intensely.

Our products seal, dampen vibrations, and improve acoustics.


Hidden Champions

Woco Noise Vibration Harshness & Sealing Hidden Champions

Smallest components, complex system solutions

Our smallest components, such as cable seals, have a major impact in complex systems. They can therefore make a significant contribution to reducing the burden on the environment. Our components and their functions are the invisible masters in many sealing and damping systems and protect the vehicle against the effects of fluids, heat, cold, noise and vibrations.
One of the fundamental prerequisites for this performance is their material properties.

Woco Noise Vibration Harshness & Sealing Hidden Champions

High-quality materials, sustainable top performance

Woco focuses on the development of high-performance "green" materials and biodegradable elastomer compounds and plastics. With its exclusive material expertise in polymers and elastomers, Woco is already developing high-performance materials in which more than 50 percent of the material content comes from sustainable raw materials.

Woco Noise Vibration Harshness & Sealing Hidden Champions

Worldwide production, local optimization

By producing the compounds locally in different regions, we minimize the need for long transport routes and the associated C02-emissions. The special thing about our materials is that they are not only high-performance and biodegradable, but are also produced locally around the world, so that Woco can make an active contribution to reducing its ecological footprint.


Product solutions

Woco Noise Vibration Harshness & Sealing Produktlösungen


Our seals protect against environmental influences and are characterized by high media resistance.





Damping elements increase comfort and safety and protect sensitive electronics.





Good sound insulation contributes to the perception of quality and luxury.



Our Masterpiece

Woco Noise Vibration Harshness & Sealing Lösung für BEV

Our compact solution for BEVs combines all three aspects 
in one product:

Acoustics, damping and sealing./node/89


Comfort, safety, and protection based on high-performance sustainability. 

With its material expertise, Woco has already developed "green" compounds now available as biodegradable materials for seals, foam, and damping components.