Reducing vibrations increases driving comfort. The damping properties of our components can do just that and therefore play a particularly important role in BEVs.

It is crucial for the performance and durability of sensitive components. The battery and the accumulation of electronic components, which are sensitive to vibrations, make damping elements necessary.

Intelligent damping systems reduce vibrations that can damage the electronics and thus contribute significantly to the safety of BEVs.

Vibrations also lead to increased energy consumption. Reducing these energy losses can improve the overall efficiency of the vehicle, which in turn can contribute to a longer battery range.


Damping components 

Even minor acoustic and vibration disturbances become unpleasantly perceptible in BEVs and require better damping components and decoupling systems - preferably made from sustainable materials.

Driving comfort can be increased at various points in the vehicle using damping components. Our stabilizer mounts, spring pads and radiator mounts improve ride comfort in the vehicle. Our mounts, spring supports and radiator mounts do just that! They reduce vibrations by decoupling units from the vehicle chassis. This not only dampens vibrations, but also improves the acoustics in the vehicle interior. We work with special formulations that are designed for the various resistances.

These components from us are drive-independent and therefore ideal for many different applications in electromobility!

3D federunterlage-kuhlerlager-stabilager
3D federunterlage-kuhlerlager-stabilager

Spring support, radiator bearing, stabilizer bearing