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Damping - Damping in interaction with material and process.

A Functional Solution for Reducing Vibration and Noise

The product division Silencing develops and produces­ ­functional solutions for applications in which vibration and ­noise must be reduced. Due to expert knowledge in functions and materials and expertise in handling the widest variety of plastics, Woco develops an increasing number of system solutions that not only silence, but also fasten, stiffen and ­guide. By using innovative materials, Woco offers its ­customers ­optimum products and functional solutions. ­Especially for polymer ­materials, Woco is characterized by in-house ­development.

Spring Seats

Spring seats are components that isolate steel springs at their contact points to the body and are, therefore, subject to highly dynamic stress. They are used in the chassis for damping vibrations and have a major influence on driving comfort and dynamics.

Their most important characteristics include:

  • Improved driving comfort
  • Reduction of disturbing vibration
  • Corrosion protection of the springs through zinc-titanium sacrificial anode

Radiator Mounts

The multi-component radiator mounts support the static and dynamic loads of the various radiator modules of a vehicle series. The modular design of the mounts allows different elastomer springs to be combined in such a way that the required natural frequencies of the oscillating system are realized for each radiator weight. By means of adjustable material parameters, the dynamic properties of the mounts are designed to achieve an optimal isolating effect.

Their most important properties include:

  • Ability to bear static and dynamic loads
  • Modular system provides high variability
  • Optimal vibration isolation

Stabilizer Bearings

Stabilizer bearings contribute significantly to a vehicle‘s movement dynamics and driving comfort. For this purpose, the mostly two-part elastomer bearings are connected to the stabilizer, either by adhesion, clamping or sliding, in each case acting as a torsion spring which, by means of connecting rods, interlinks the left and right wheel carriers of an axle, thus reducing the rolling behavior of the vehicle body. Here, the stabilizer bearings absorb the forces and moments resulting from the stabilizer movement and at the same time serve to isolate the disturbing vibrations resulting from road surface excitation.

Their most important properties include:

  • Bearing the static and dynamic forces and moments
  • Isolating the vibrations caused by road surface excitation
  • Multiple connection options to the stabilizer


Isolators serve to reduce the transmission of disturbing vibrations to a minimum. On the one hand, vibration-producing components, such as pumps, compressors or valves, are ­isolated from the surrounding structure to prevent the transmission of disturbing ­vibrations. On the other hand, sensitive components, such as control devices or other electronic components, are mounted on elastic isolators to protect them from damaging vibrations.

Their most important properties include:

  • Bearing the static loads
  • Reduction of the vibrations transmitted into surrounding structures
  • Wide range of application due to adjustable properties


Damping in interaction with material and process.


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