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Sealing – Functional Solutions for Sealing Technology

Functional solutions for sealing technology are a ­classical field of application for elastomers. Typical products ­include oil sump gaskets, seals for cylinder-head covers and oil ­separation systems, gaskets as product solutions for ­conducting media such as air, water and oil as well as ­grommets for cable guides.

As an integral solution, Woco also manufactures these ­products in multi-component technology, bonding for ­example plastics and metals. In order to meet the global quality and competitiveness demands of our customers, Woco ­standardizes processes, systems and production resources.

Performance-tested Molded Parts

Depending on the media and temperature requirements, molded parts used in the engine compartment (induction hoses, collars) are made of various materials, e.g. EPDM, lead-free ECO, AEM or ACM.

Important product features include dynamic resistance to pressure with simultaneous ­tolerance compensation thanks to flexible collars. Woco offers development services (CAD, CAE, FEM, mold-flow) for designing these molded parts.

Elastic Grommets

Cable harnesses need to be reliably protected against undesirable influences (e.g. splash water) and safely routed through bodywork joints. For this reason, Woco offers its own development services for custom design of grommets including static and dynamic component testing. The individual components can be produced from elastomers, TPEs and from multi-component composites using varying material combinations.

Cable / Wire Seals

Individual Development – Fully Automatic Production

As part of the development of new connector seals or wire seals, Woco offers ­comprehensive development services for single cable seals as well as connector and / or frame seals made of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber). These products are manufactured automatically in the highest quality.

Joint Seals

A joint seal is used to reduce the level of noise and to seal the chassis against the ­penetration of dirt. TUK moldings, in particular, ensure clean door sills, which facilitates getting into dirty vehicles. Here, in cooperation with the OEM, Woco offers ­functional, production-­oriented component design. Production is fully automated on identical ­machines in the markets of Europe, Asia and NAFTA.


Sealing in interaction with material and process.


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