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We all live in this one world.

As a globally active company, Woco is committed to implementing ecological, economic, and social sustainability goals. Specific measures for climate protection, biodiversity, the circular economy, and social aspects are just as integral to corporate management as risk and compliance.



Woco & ESG

As a technology-oriented supplier, we constantly face the challenges of our industries, especially the automotive sector. Our mission is to develop and implement robust, independent, and sustainable solutions. Our ambition to continuously improve and set new technological standards drives us. By reacting flexibly to changing market requirements and using our resources efficiently, we remain capable of acting at all times.

Michael Lorig
CEO Woco Group


Our earth

There is only one.

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Objectives of the ESG measures

As a reliable partner, we assume social and ecological responsibility and, through our behavior, support the implementation of the global Sustainable Development Goals.

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Increased requirements.

Woco Nachhaltigkeit strengere Vorschriften

Regulation in Europe

Stricter regulations



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Climate target 2050

Green Deal


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Impeccable rating




The materiality analysis plays a central role in developing a sustainability strategy. It aims to determine which sustainability issues are of central importance to Woco and should, therefore, be the subject of sustainability management and reporting. The determination of materiality topics always takes ecological, social, and economic aspects into account.

Woco has already dealt intensively with the increased requirements for 2021 to 2022. The resulting opportunities and risks for the business model were taken into account in our successfully completed strategic realignment and transformation of our product portfolio.

The materiality analysis is part of the Woco Sustainability Report.


Strategy and innovation

Becoming robust, independent and sustainable. 


Climate targets according to STBI

Realizing ambitions.


Basic principles

Remain capable of action.



ESG measures

Our balanced scorecard (BSC) defines the corresponding ESG targets. It contains a series of key performance indicators (abbreviated to "KPIs") that align with Woco's ESG objectives.

At Woco, the entire team is committed to sustainability. Woco attaches great importance to ensuring that the key areas are integrated and networked. That is why our sustainability ambitions are anchored throughout the company. This is achieved through targets in the individual functional areas.

By integrating ESG metrics into each department's balanced scorecard, Woco ensures that ESG objectives are incorporated into daily work and decision-making. This helps to create a culture of responsibility and continuous improvement regarding ESG issues. At the same time, it helps Woco fulfill all ESG obligations and commitments.

Graphic ESG milestones
Graphic ESG milestones

Anchoring in the company

Woco Noise Vibration Harshness & Sealing Hidden Champions

The Environmental in ESG

The environment is the habitat of everything.

How we care for our environment.


With social awareness in the world 

Diversity and equal opportunities
for all. 

How we are socially engaged.


Governance creates foundations

Continuously plan ahead for all this.

How we firmly anchor ESG in our business model.


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Sustainability report


You can download our 2022 sustainability report here as a PDF  download.


Sustainability report


You can download our 2019 sustainability report here as a  PDF download.


Sustainability report


You can download our 2019 sustainability report here as a  PDF download.


The Woco Group is committed to promoting sustainability within the company and its product strategy. Woco supports its customers in shaping a sustainable future.