Compound development at Woco

Manufacturing of elastomer compounds

Compound development at Woco ‒ giving you a product-relevant edge in all sectors of industry

The development of specific polymer and elastomer compounds is a further core activity of Woco.

This is yet another area where Woco is relying on its employees' expertise and in-house knowledge. Woco will find the most suitable compound for any application or use, either in its database with well over a thousand in-house recipes for compounds or by way of a new, order-specific development. In any case, this involves materials whose properties and characteristics are tailored to the relevant purpose of use and the requirements of the product.

Woco is capable of producing the perfect compound for virtually any specific use thanks to our experts' profound knowledge of raw materials in conjunction with real-life expertise regarding elastomer-specific requirements. An in-house testing laboratory for conducting mechanical and analytical tests, is used for assuring and monitoring that the relevant requirements are being met.

Laboratory production

Woco has a large material development department at its disposal with all of the physical and chemical analytical devices required to ensure that developed recipes meet the specifications. We also have the equipment and expertise to test and verify our produced sample compounds at our location in Bad Soden-Salmünster, Germany.

    Series production

    In cooperation with PTE, elastomer compounds can be produced in large quantities from a variety of raw materials.

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