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Woco Industry


Woco Industry

In order to increase customer benefits in the B2B sector, Woco Industrie utilizes synergy effects from its automotive expertise.




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Absolute silence despite extreme impact

Absolute silence

Gamma achieves this for aerospace, defense, rail and other industries with solutions that reduce shock, vibration and noise.

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Maximum operational safety

Drinking water protection

Our material expertise in elastomers ensures maximum operational safety in drinking water and waste water systems, gas supply and noise decoupling in buildings. We guarantee the hygienic safety of drinking water. 

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Small champions with a big impact

Down to the last detail

With EFFBE, we utilize all synergy effects for damping and sealing solutions made of high-performance polymer materials for demanding industrial applications, for example in the wind power industry and vibration damping and decoupling.

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on the rails

Damping, durability and silence

In the Railtrack division, we specialize in the development and manufacture of products for track superstructures. Together with customers and strong partners, we find suitable solutions, including new approaches and on a global level.


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EFFBE Diaphragm

Material for special applications

Known worldwide

With the diaphragms from EFFBE Diaphragm, we are a sought-after specialist for quality solutions in aviation, transportation, energy supply structures, hydraulic applications and medical technology.

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Participating interests complement the Woco Group's expertise.

The Woco Group is continuously expanding its expertise and exploring the market for relevant products, services and process optimizations in order to dynamically expand the portfolio.

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Rubber industry

Polymer-Technik Elbe GmbH has been a pioneer in the rubber industry for 120 years and is an important link between raw material manufacturers and the rubber processing industry.



Woco Industrie stands for customer proximity, needs-based solutions and sustainability in all the industries we supply.