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How would you describe the work atmosphere at Woco?

For our family business it is for certain that our growth depends on appropriately qualified employees who are given sufficient latitude to contribute their strengths and fully develop their own personality. Short decision-making processes form the basis for our growth and sustainable success. With 23 locations worldwide, our work environment is global by nature, whereby cultural facets and aspects help shape daily work routines and help foster the personal development of each individual.

What makes Woco attractive for me as an applicant?

In addition to a modern work environment and having added a new dimension by way of the new technology center, Woco is offering a flexible work schedule that makes it possible to balance work and family life. The success of our corporate group is largely dependent on the commitment of our employees. For this reason, we are providing an environment that is based on a challenge and reward system to help individuals grow in terms of professional and personal development. Encouraging employees to maintain their physical fitness also plays an important role at Woco: Whether meeting once a week to jog, playing tennis with an experienced instructor, or benefitting from partial reimbursement of the membership fee for a fitness center of your choice, with its health management program Woco makes an investment in the good health of its staff members to help them live a long and healthy live. Our cafeteria also offers freshly prepared, delicious dishes every day to further cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Sustainability and offering healthy nutritional options play an important role here.

What makes me attractive to Woco as an applicant?

If you can answer the questions below with “Yes”, this will give you a good indication of whether you are a “Woco type of person” and whether we would make a good fit.

  • Do you have an affinity for the automotive sector and believe that this dynamic environment is both exciting and challenging?
  • Are you aware of the fact that “humanity and personality” are important aspects of our family business and that these are being practiced every day through collaboration with colleagues?
  • Do you like to take on responsibility and enjoy to accelerate the progress of projects as a team member?
  • Do you like to contribute your own ideas and are willing to actively engage in or even restructure processes?

Then come join Woco!Leader. Shaper. Family-focused.

The application process in our family business

How should I apply for a position at Woco?

Did you find a vacancy at you are interested in? Then send your application to the email address of the contact person at the HR department that can be found in the right-hand column of the job ad under “Woco Key Facts”. A complete application consists of a cover letter, your curriculum vitae, relevant diplomas and certificates as well as any other significant further education or training certificates made available to us as email attachments. It there is no suitable vacancy currently available, we would look forward to receiving your unsolicited application, stating which position you would be interested in.

Are the vacancies posted on the website still current?

All job ads posted on the careers page or any other public portal are current. When a vacancy has been filled, we have the ad removed without delay from all relevant employment websites. So, all vacancies posted are current.

How long will it take for Woco to respond to my application?

Your complete application is first reviewed by the Human Resources department and the corresponding technical department. You should hear from us within two weeks from receipt of your application to let you know about the next step in the application process. Please understand that in some cases it may take longer than two weeks for us to respond to your application. We understand how important it is for you to receive a response in good time and our HR department is putting forth every effort to ensure you receive a prompt and meaningful response.

How is my personal information stored when I submit my application to Woco?

The protection of your personal data is very important to Woco. Any personal information you provide and that is being processed by us within the scope of processing your application is protected against unauthorized access and manipulation through technical and organizational measures. The data you provided will be used to fill vacancies in the entire Woco corporate group. By submitting your application, you agree that your data will be used by all companies affiliated with the corporation.

You also agree to us storing your application for a duration of 6 months and that we continue to keep you in mind for any positions that may become vacant within this period. You may revoke your permission at any time, effective for the future, and without having to state any reasons, by sending your revocation to Your personal data will be deleted immediately on receipt of your revocation.

Selection process at Woco – tips for the selection process

How can I prepare myself for the interview with Woco?

Essential information about Woco Group can be found on our website. There will be time for open questions during the interview; these may relate to the new tasks, the team, the work environment or the corporate culture. We are also interested in finding out what your expectations are of the potential position. It is important to us that job interviews are conducted on an equal footing with the candidate: Doing so, helps clarify and eliminate any ambiguities early on, so that both parties can get a good idea of one another's mindset and proceed to the next step with a mutual positive feeling.

Who will conduct the interview?

When we call to invite you for an interview and also with the subsequent written confirmation of the invitation we will let you know who is going to attend the interview. The relevant HR Business Partner and the head of the technical department or your potential supervisor will be conducting the initial interview with you. 

If both parties agree to meet again for a second round interview to get to know one another better, then also the higher level executive, your potential superior is reporting to, will attend the interview in addition to the aforementioned attendees. On successful conclusion, the path ahead is clear for a mutually beneficial collaboration.


What is involved in my initial training?

Every new employee receives a detailed initial training plan from their superior on their first day of work. This is where all important topics are outlined that need to be worked through and completed as part of the onboarding process. The structured initial training plan helps ensure that the new employee is well-prepared for the new areas of responsibility and can also readily recognize interface sections. The initial training process is further supported by regular follow-up dialogues with the superior.
Every new employee is assigned a mentor to further facilitate orientation and inclusion in the new department and the company. The role of the mentor is usually performed by a seasoned colleague who is very familiar with the areas of responsibility and the team. A mentor is a person who is always available for any questions of a general or technical nature.

What will my first day at work look like?

Dress code:
“Business casual” is what best describes the dress code at Woco. Men wear ties only when visiting customers or for other important appointments. Women wear a complete business outfit only when attending special occasions. Wearing a pair of slacks or khakis with a dress shirt or blouse is usually appropriate for every day office work at Woco.

Welcoming new employees:
New employees are welcomed on their first day of work by way of a welcoming event that is organized by HR. This is where new employees receive important information from the HR Business Partner to help them become acquainted with the company. This is also an opportunity for handing in any due documents relating to the commencement of employment or to address any other organizational questions.
Every new employee receives a personal welcome package that contains important information about the future area of responsibility along with some small gifts to make getting started easier.
Following the welcoming event, the mentors of the new employees will take them from the department to the new workplace. Lunch break on their first day of work will take place in the cafeteria with their colleagues from the department.

Informative event for new employees:

There is an informative event for new employees two months after their first day of work at the latest. This is a time when new employees have become acquainted and are somewhat familiar with their department. It is also a good time for deeper insights into the world of Woco. This one-day event features interesting presentations about Woco Group. A tour of the production facility is also on the agenda.

What possibilities exist to get to know my future colleagues and workplace beforehand?

If possible, the candidates can get to know their new workplace and colleagues beforehand. This way the candidates have a good idea of what their future work environment will look like, and it also helps to reduce first-day anxiety and makes getting started in the new team easier. In individual cases (dependent on the position), working on a trial basis can also be agreed as part of the application process.

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